2015 Nationals

2015 Nissan Datsun Nationals, April 3-5, Warwick QLD

We couldn’t find a great deal, this is from the ZCCQ website.
The Z Car Club of Queensland is excited to present this 3-day motoring package for Nissan Datsun enthusiasts..
If you require any further details and clarification of the event registration and fees, please contact:

We look forward to seeing you all at Warwick this Easter.


7 pages – PDF – 2mb

Please download and print the 7 pages. Once the forms are completed, please send with payment option to:

The Treasurer – John Gilbert
ZCar Club Q Inc.
PO Box 5289
Alexandra Hills QLD 4161


For those new to Nationals, it’s generally a 3 days event with a welcome bbq or meal, one day for show and shine, one day for track events/motrsport, a presentation dinner, and depending on the event other items like social drives, trivia night or navigational run thrown in. This year sees the majority of the event held at Morgan Park Raceway, and the event beginning on good Friday- so allow the extra day. It concludes Sunday night.
After speaking with the NDN15 committee, this is what we can gather.


Show and Shine – Well this kind of speaks for itself, with classes such as;

  • Original
  • Non Original
  • Race
  • 60-70’s
  • 80-90’s
  • Modern

The show and Shine will be held on the Saturday, unless you are competing then, in which your car will be judged Friday. So if you want to do the show and shine, you cannot go to the track on Friday for practice or a couple of sessions of motorsport. If you are not planning on competing on the track, then the Show and Shine for all other cars (except those mentioned before that are competing) will be on the Saturday, at Morgan Park raceway.
The idea behind this, we are told, is to have everyone cheering and supporting those competing.


Regularity – for those perhaps not sporting track cars, but want to experience Morgan Park circuit at a less than flat out pace.
Here you nominate a time and try to stick to it, so if you don;t want to be too hard on your car, simply nominate a time that is the pace you are comfortable with. This rewards the most consistent- too fast or too slow results in penalties.

Bent Sprints –  a portion of the circuit.
This involves using the extension portion of the track (the red bit), it becomes s small 1.2-ish km track that is a single car event- again ideal for those not wanting to be out there at 10/10ths with everyone else, but happy to let the car stretch it’s legs without the concern of other vehicles.


Sprints– like we all know and love.
The sprints are run as per most MSCA, or multi club track days. You will be in groups of up to 10, organised by your lap time so you don;t spend the whole time overtaking or being overtaken.  It is envisaged in all motor sport events that 4 runs per day will be achieved.

Note- you can do any or all of the above track events. There is a discount for doing 2 or 3 of the events, and they say it’s structured so you get plenty of time in each discipline.

Drives on the Sunday
If two full days at the circuit are more than enough for you, there will Mystery Tours and Navigation runs to be held. I believe these will be on the Sunday, but may also happen on the Saturday.

Merchandise– as always there is merchandise available – polos, hats, helmet bag, cap, mug. but one thing i did notice- no stickers! Hopefully they are part of your entry regardless. Everyone’s toolbox need one don’t they….?

2015 Nationals Entry Form





2013 Nissan Datsun Nationals Results

Below are the Show and Shine and Concours results.

Incorporating the Z Nationals
Concours D’Elegance

Winner –Classic
Tony Webb HR31

2nd –Classic
Stephen King Prince Skyline

3rd – Classic
Mark Stables Sports 2000

1st Modern
Wes and Maggie ANDERSON 300ZX Z31

2nd – Modern
Don Hill 350Z

3rd– Modern
Barry Godfrey 300ZX Z31

Outright Champion
Tony Webb HR31 Skyline
Incorporating the Z Nationals
Show and Shine

1st – 1960-1969 Standard
David Hill 1964 Prince Skyline GT

Runner up – 1960-1969 Standard
Mark Stables 1966 Bluebird 411

Winner – 1970-1979 Standard
Greg Williams 240Z

Runner up – 1970-1979 Standard
Fiona Millard 180B SSS

Winner – 1980-1989 Standard
Claude Masciulli GTS-R Skyline

Runner up – 1980 1989 Standard
Barry Allison GTS Skyline

Winner – 2000-2013 Standard
Jess Adkins Barber 2006 PV36 Skyline

Runner up 2000-2013 Standard
Carolyn Kruger- R34 Skyline

Winner – 1960-1969 Modified
Eric Neal 1969 Bluebird 510

Runner up – 1960-1969 Modified
Morgan Durst 1968 Datsun 1600

Winner – 1970-1979 Modified
James Flett 1971 240Z

Runner up – 1970-1979 Modified
Joel Bull 1971 Datsun 1600

Winner – 1980-1989 Modified
Kevin James 280ZX

Runner up – 1980 1989 Modified
Peter Challinger 1980 Bluebird

Winner – 1990-1999 Modified
Mark Biondo 300ZX Z32

Runner up 1990-1999 Modified
Kate Van Der Lugt 180SX

Winner – Race Class
James Flett 1974 240Z

2nd – Race Class
Peter Campbell 1970 240Z

3rd – Race Class
Simon Phillips Datsun 1200 Coupe

Winner – Navigation Drive
Vanessa and Jess Stables – Bluebird 411

Longest distance travelled
Peter Harrold- 3709kms

Spirit of the Nationals
Jeff Shoesmith

Hard Luck Award
Tom Triandafyllou

Fastest Driver of the Day
Luke Youlden

Fastest Woman of the Day
Karyn Hamer-Finn

Incorporating the Z Nationals
Robert Shannon Memorial Award
Outright winner
Greg Williams 240Z

Incorporating the Z Nationals
Nationals Champion
James Flett

Click here for the 20130330 NDSOC PI – Combined Result by Class