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6 Hour Relay

The Phillip Island 6 hour relay is specifically designed to give club members the chance to form teams of drivers and pit crew to compete against other teams. It is not a race but rather a Regularity event and as such does not just involve outright speed.
Saturday is practice day and all drivers in the team go out for laps to gain some times (recorded on natsoft like normal). then at the days end, each driver nominates a target lap time which they believe can be consistently maintained. If you go quicker than your time the lap doesn’t count, if you hit your target time then you get the lap plus a bonus lap, if you are slower than your target time then you get only the lap.
You only need a Level 2 licence, scrutineer requirements are the same as our club motor sport days, teams are of 4-6 drivers, but no timing devices allowed in your car. Your nominated lap time MUST be slower than 1min 55s. Sunday is the event itself, running from 10-4pm. Generally there’s an hour of track time per driver- more if there is only 4 or 5 drivers.

It truly is a great fun weekend of motorsport. If you are interested, have questions, want more info or are willing to come down and help out holding a lap board, using a stopwatch etc, then please drop Keith a line.

As mentioned above, entries open last weekend and usually within two weeks the field is full, so don’t hesitate!

WHEN: July 30 – 31, 2016
WHERE: Phillip Island circuit

Email Keith for more info

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