NDSOC Motorsport

Getting involved in Motorsport is a relatively easy and painless process and is suitable for nearly all levels of driver. It can be on a totally casual basis or you can choose to compete in a series on a regular basis. You level of involvement and expense is really up to you.


For the general enthusiast who wants to experience the thrill of seeing what their car can do and having a blast without worrying about breaking any laws the Track Day is generally the best place to go.

A Track Day or “Sprint Event” is usually held on a race circuit and you are in a group of cars with drivers of similar experience and capability. I would emphasis that these events are not Wheel to Wheel racing you are only competing against the clock and it is expected that all drivers show courtesy to others on the circuit and passing is generally done on the straights.

There are 2 ways to get involved

  1. Come and Try Days.

These are held several times a year for people who have never competed in motorsport and offer a very good environment for the first timer. They are held as part of a normal Track Day Event so you get to experience and meet people at all levels of the sport

The events generally include

  1. A Single day license
  2. Several class room sessions on the basics, Flags, Etiquette, Driving tips and rules
  3. Two runs on the circuit with an instructor beside you
  4. Two runs on the circuit on your own

You will need to have an approved Helmet AS1698 and Clothing from ankles to neck to wrists. Clothing of flammable synthetic material, such as nylon, is not acceptable. shoes with leather uppers that cover the foot.

Current event list http://cams.com.au/get-involved/events/come-and-try-days

  1. Track Day or Sprint Event

These are generally run in conjunction with CAMS and are a fully sanctioned motorsport activity you will require 2 things in order to enter an event like this

  1. Be a member of an affiliated club such as NDSOC
  2. Hold a CAMS Level 2S License

Both of these items are very easy to obtain and only require the submission of an online application.

The NDSOC membership can be found here https://www.ndsoc.com.au/how-to-join/

The CAMS license Application can be found here http://cams.com.au/get-involved/competitors/licence-forms

Once you have completed the above your car will be required to pass through scrutineering to ensure it is safe to compete. The Supplementary Regulations for the event will specify any special requirements but you will need the following

  1. Roadworthy car with good tyres and working brake lights and seat belts
  2. A Fire Extinguisher in a metal bracket securely mounted in the car where the drive can reach it, expiry date must be current
  3. Metal valve caps
  4. Nothing in the boot or cabin, Remove spare wheel jack and floor mats
  5. A blue triangle sticker indicating where the battery is
  6. Numbers can be purchased on the day for a few dollars
  7. An approved Helmet AS1698 and Clothing from ankles to neck to wrists. Clothing of flammable synthetic material, such as nylon, is not acceptable. Shoes with leather uppers that cover the foot.


So now you are ready,



The NDSOC is a member of the Marque Sports Car Association (MSCA). The MSCA runs approximately 10 meetings a year. The NDSOC Club Championship is run in conjunction with these meetings.

A full list of upcoming events is on the MSCA Website www.msca.net.au

Entry to these events is via the CAMS online event entry system, you will need to register for this once you have your license and Membership www.meecamsau.com

The MSCA also have a FB group MSCAV, which you can join to see more of what is coming up.


NDSOC Championship

The NDSOC run a championship within the MSCA events we offer the following classes

Under 2.0L

Over 2.0 – 3.0L

Over 3.0 – 4.0L

Over 4.0L

Non Nissan Datsun

Points are awarded based on the other cars in you category entered from the NDSOC and trophies are awarded in each class as well as the highest total point scorer for the year wins the Club Championship

The MSCA also runs a class based championship, which you are also eligible to win.


If you would like any further information or would just like to ask some questions contact me below

Hope to see you on the track soon

Keep your eyes on upcoming events for the next round.


For more information contact

our motorsport secretary.