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The history of the N.D.S.O.C. goes back to February 22nd, 1968, when the 2000 Sports was the car of the time, and the 240Z was still a drawing on a piece of paper. The club was founded by enthusiasts interested in the sports, and was initially guided by Mr. Peter C. Eddy. At that time it was known as the Datsun Sports Car Club. Between that first meeting and the 23rd of June, 1969, the adoption of the Clubs first constitution was made, the club became the Datsun Sports Owners Club, and shortly after, the Club became affiliated with The Confederation of Australian Motorsport (C.A.M.S.). During 1972/73 the club became affiliated with the Marque Sports Car Association (M.S.C.A.)

The Australian 240Z Club

With the introduction of the 240Z into the Australian marketplace, it wasn’t long before a club was formed, as a result of an advertisement in the paper to cater specifically for the Datsun 240Z. This club ran for a number of years before it ultimately became a part of the Datsun Sports Owners Club. The reasons for the merger are now lost in history, although it is noted that some of the original members of the Datsun Sports Owners Club were not so sure about the merger, as the 240Z had a roof – was it still a sports car in the true sense? As a brief history of this club, and its part in the N.D.S.O.C., we have tried to obtain what information we could about this club.

Date club formed: End 1970

Date of the Merger with the Datsun Sports Owners Club: Late 1975

Number of founding members6

In 1975, the Australian 240Z Club merged with the Datsun Sports Owners Club, to create one bigger group. In 1989 the Club changed its name to the Nissan Datsun Sports Owners Club, this was done after much consideration, in keeping with the corporate policy of Nissan, and the new models being recognised as Nissan's rather than Datsun's.

Our membership numbers are now growing each year, ensuring the continued success of the club.

The objectives of the NDSOC are many and varied. Certainly there is the common knowledge of a product shared by the members, and they are always keen to assist with the best advice on how to fix or improve the car you own. More businesses are now supporting the members in maintenance of their cars, and the committee will continue to build this number. Competition events are very popular and as mentioned above, our club is affiliated with the M.S.C.A., a body of clubs which compete through the year at various venues around Victoria. More than anything though, there is a good social spirit in the club. We offer many different types of activities to attend, including our Annual Concourse d’ Elegance which is held toward the end of each year, where you can present your vehicle for others to see, and even prizes in various categories.


Join like-minded enthusiastic Nissan/Datsun/Princecar owners as they celebrate their vehicles

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